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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Planets in our Solar System. Astronomy lecture.

Our Sunholds many bodies in space, with great distances between them, and its force reaches the edge of the solar system, where if you look back, the Sun is tiny, not as we look from here, 150 million kilometers away from it.
  Without this star, which belong to all, there would be nothing, I dare say it is like a God. He keeps orbiting planets, asteroids, comets and other bodies. The biggest are the planets.

Our Solar System consists of the Sun and gravitational astronomical-related objects in orbit around it, all forming from the collapse of a giant molecular cloud approximately 4.6 billion years ago.

It consists of four inner planets , smaller, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, also called terrestrial planets. They are mainly composed of rock and metal.
The four outer planets, gas giants, are much more massive than Earth. Two large, Jupiter and Saturn, are composed primarily of hydrogen and helium, and the two outermost planets, Uranus and Neptune, are composed largely of ice, such as water, ammonia and methane, and are often referred to separately as "ice giants".

Planets filmed and photographed by me in this site so far, are:


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