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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How to mount a Nikon DSLR on a telescope with an adapter T2 ring

If you attach a Nikon digital SLR to a telescope, you will take pictures to objects at a great distance, like the moon, planets and stars. Long exposure can bring out many more details than is seen with the naked eye, making objects in bright colors. With a DSLR you can capture stunning images of the universe.
 My device is Nikon D80. This allows long exposures of up to 30 seconds only, but in bulb option, which works only with a remote control, can be set it at longer exposures, but the mount of the telescope must have a tracking motor.

Baader Hyperion T-adapters allow direct coupling of any T threaded camera or accessory to the Baader Hyperion eyepieces.

Hyperion-T adapter that I have and it's in this article, is HTA43/T-2, which attaches to the M43 thread of Hyperion eyepiece with a fixed focal length. The eyepiece's thread of 43 mm is located under the protective rubber.
These adapters allow Hyperion eyepieces to be used for CCD and DSLR cameras. With this adapter, any T-2 extension tubes can be used between the eyepiece and the camera to project and zoom in as much as you want.

Turn off the camera. Remove the objective lens, holding the release button down while turning the  objective lens clockwise.

Attach the T-ring for Nikon to the mount of the camera by screwing it counterclockwise until it clicks. It is important to buy the right T-ring.
After that, screw on Nikon's T ring, HTA43/T-2 Hyperion ring.

Enter the two adapters in the telescope on wich will be installed the Hyperion eyepiece. The first is 2", and the second adapter in the photo is 1.25" which is screwed on the 2 ".

Now screw the Hyperion eyepiece on the camera in the Hyperyon's T2 ring.

Enter the camera in the focuser of the telescope, (in 1.25" adapter). Tighten the screws to prevent camera falling during use. Now you're ready to shoot through a telescope.


Anonymous said...

can I attach a Baader Hyperion ring directly to baader eyepiece or I need another extra ring ?

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