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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sunlight reveals the Moon is made of glass? Video and Images by my telescope

The colour of the Moon is a subject that a lot of us had maybe discussed. Most of the pictures with colours of the Moon I saw on the internet, have increased colours to show that the Moon is not grey. In the images below the Moon is not with increased colours at all, just with gamma decreased because the Moon was very bright.

What I find interesting, is that the color of the Moon is not seen if you get close to the surface, but only at the distance. And the more light from the sun, the more the colors intensify, making it coming alive in our eyes. It's like the Moon would be made by porcelain, or it's like looking at a radiography. This effect appears when you stick a lantern with very bright light on your hand, or exposing your fingers to sunlight. Those who have tried, know that they can see the outline of the hand bones.

What phenomenon is this, however, when the moon appears to be glass? Is it an illusion because of the sun? Or is this the real Moon? Maybe it is grey when we approach to it because we can't see the whole thing we are standing on. Anyway, I think this Selena is wonderful.

A full Moon shot at big exposure, can be a great advantage to highlight some color details that are not seen with the naked eye. After I filmed in october 2010 through my telescope, and I've begun to process the Moon video in Sony Vegas, I decreased gamma without increasing colours at all. I saw that the Moon has a different look. Because of the brightness of the sun, I knew that gamma range could be decreased much more, and it just came out this Moon, with colors and composition delimitation on the soil.

I do not know if I will catch in video the Moon just like that ever again.

Video is below, and the original post is here: OUR ROCK ON SPACE: THE MOON .

Below are video captures of the video.


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