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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Orion Nebula on Orionid's Night Telescope images

This is the first photo Orion Nebula and is my most successful ever, with a DSLR. I've edited almost nothing in it. I always thought the photos from the internet with nebulae and galaxies have added colours in Photoshop programs to be much beautiful. But apparently I was wrong.

I went at 3:30 am on the outskirts of the city to catch Orionids. It seems I have seen a lot of shooting stars, but unfortunately I got only a few in some pictures, which I will present in another article.
As an unusual feature of this morning, while watching the belt of Orion with the naked eye, I noticed a very bright light that went parallel to the belt, under it. The light diminished, with a slow speed, and to my surprise, did not faded at all, going across the sky at the same speed between the stars, to the horizon. If it was a meteor, had to have a high speed, and dissapear quickly, but it left me stunned, because it did not. Waiting for your comments, if someone can explain what it was.

Telescope: Celestron 8 inch Newtonian
C5/EQ5 motorized mount
Camera: Nikon D80 with T ring
Eyepiece: no (focal)
Filter: no
Date: October 21, 2012
Time: 05:27
Mode: manual
ISO: 640
Exposure time: 30 sec
Location: Baia Mare, Romania

Below, are 2 photos, without telescope, but with the same camera with a 18-55 mm kit.


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