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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Is NASA America's military elite?

Many of us are familiar with news about new discoveries of planets that revolve around other stars, about comets and asteroids that make their way through our area, but also about building and sending of space probes, telescopes, and rovers simply moving on other planets.

Science of astronomy has evolved greatly from the programs NASA implement, which does not cease to amaze us, fulfilling missions, and expanding their development period double, even triple as they were meant to work.

Truth is, I'm amazed not only at how many staff did NASA in recent years, but also what they want to achieve in the futureIn the past I heard less about them. After the last Apollo mission in 1972, NASA had not to many things to show off, but probes that were only photographed the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in more detail, the space station launched in 1998, and placed rovers on Mars like Opportunity and Phoenix. During this period, however, it has discovered new planets in other solar systems, black holes, and a rover sent to Mars, big as a real car, making its previous rovers look like miniatures.

By what I see at this time, NASA has a very consistent and courageous program, and this is probably due to the government's allocation of necessary funds for these projects which are very expensive.

For example, Spirit and Opportunity rovers mission, have cost $ 820 million, Phoenix $ 386 million and Curiosity $ 2.5 billion, but does not compare to all Apollo missions, which costed $ 202 billion.

After Apollo, which took place between 1961-1972, NASA explained why has not organized human missions to the Moon, by saying it was because they were more concerned about Mars. Honestly, when I saw the pictures of this planet, I came to believe how strikingly resembles with Earth. Although the atmosphere and soil have a reddish color, I saw polar ice caps, mini tornadoes of dust clouds and how the Sun looks from there.

Because we are aliens to the red planet, I wonder if we could seed organic matter fron the Earth there, to see what happens, because this can influence the environment. By studying soil and atmosphere, I think we know with certainty that living organisms can live there. Perhaps in the future will be a mission to create life on this planet.

The conspiracy.
When we talk about NASA, we are not talking about an aerospace club or other kinds of amateur private agencies. Some may not realize that NASA is working not only for the sake of discovering something. It's an American national agency, and even if you do not see it acts as a military force, NASA may be considered America's military elite, it can operate from space on Earth, and vice versa.

It is hard to believe that this agency does not have anything to do with national state security. Think of it as if it were to require help in this regard. NASA would not say no, because they have to deal with the discovery of a black hole. This agency does not need military costumes because they are as the command or leadership of a military unit.

I'm not saying it's wrong, because NASA has proven to be very useful not only for America but for the world, though other countries have not contributed with money to achieve to achieve these goals, but only if there were collaborations for some space missions.

Because NASA has knowledge of space and its fundamental role is the space, rumors appeared that it's hiding something. It is natural, because NASA is not concerned with what is on Earth, but above it. It's like thinking you can not see over the fence for being too small in stature, while the tallest one sees everything with no problems, but does not telling what he sees to the smallest, which is limited only to see his garden.

People need to trust NASA, because even if it lies, as some say, is not stating, nor making anything public which is incriminating and take into account, though:

-on the internet are videos with bright objects seen near the International Space Station

-topographic images of the Moon blurred to hide some buildings built there,

-people who worked inside NASA and now talking about the agency's secret programs,

-evidence that man did not wolked on the Moon, because of errors in filming and photos showing that would be falsified or filming was done in a kind of Hollywood set,

plasma-firing weapons in space, shooting on UFOs filmed by the space station.

-audio transmissions which eventually reached the public, while Apollo astronauts reported that they noticed something strange on the Moon, and even astronaut Edgar Mitchell who said that NASA hides many things from people about extraterrestrial life.

-insiders, who spoke at a coffee about a base on the Moon and have also seen pictures, but can not prove anything now.

These are just some agency charges are brought. About all this and more, no official explanation from NASA, and so people think what they want.

To deny suspicionsand I think for the obligation by the U.S. citizens who pay the contribution to the state budget, NASA looks transparent and transmit live images from the ISS, by NASA TV, and even organizes periodical press conferences to be asked about what they do.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), was founded in 1958, and for that, replaced and took over NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) with all its staff, during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower. The main reason for setting up this agency it was military, not scientific, and that's because it is felt that national security was at risk.

After launching the world's first artificial satellite, which was the Soviet Sputnik 1, on October 4, 1957, U.S. attention moved to the space race. U.S. Congress, was alarmed by the perceived threat to national security (known as the "Sputnik crisis"), and urged to an immediate and swift action.

LinkdIn coomments for this article:

-Mark KochteLinking the military to NASA is a heck of a stretch. Short of providing launch facilities to the military, NASA and the military are two very very separate agencies of the government. NASA is a civilian agency, under a very different jurisdiction than the military.

If NASA *were* to be part of the military, it's budget would be a HELL of a lot larger than it is. rather than the paltry $16 billion it currently gets. (and is going to get cut next year; by contrast, the military's budget is on the order of $684 billion) But instead it is fighting to keep any sort of aliveness to the missions that are currently in place.

Comments on this post on Facebook:

-Ed Rezac Wow. I'm often surprised with impressions people have of NASA, but to suggest that NASA may be considered America's military elite is way off target. Not looking to get into a debate here, particularly with the football game just getting underway. But will suggest folks do their homework before posting something this ill considered on the world wide forum. It does not help one's credibility.

-Ana Maria Hi Wolf. While Passionate Universe appreciates the diversity of its membership and their respective opinions, please be aware we try to ensure that facts are represented as well as opinions.

NASA is part of the Executive Branch of the United States
government. "A crucial function of the executive branch is to ensure that laws are carried out and enforced to facilitate such day-to-day responsibilities of the federal government as collecting taxes, safeguarding the homeland and representing the United States' political and economic interests around the world."* There are many agencies and organizations, including NASA (a civilian organization), within the executive branch which also includes the military; however, the military does not oversee all these agencies and organizations. To be precise: the military does not manage or oversee NASA's operations, therefore, NASA is not part of the military. Military personnel, e.g. pilots, have been selected by NASA because of the superior level of training they have received through the military. However, once selected by NASA, these pilots work and report to NASA management, again a civilian organization. The following link may be helpful to address some misconceptions, and we thank you for your contributions to Passionate Universe.

-Ed Rezac Well said and accurate, Ana. Thank you for taking the time to research and educate...while I spent the afternoon and evening watching football!


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