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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Types of astronomers and what you should be aware

What is the astronomy for? For most people it means knowledge, the discovery of something new up there. Without too much trouble, you can find online answers to any questions you ask and the answers you have, is because of some people who have made ​​efforts to give them to you.
When you read this article, you will think that if you like, and if you do not like the science of astronomy, you still live your life anyway. And yes, this science is more for those who are passionates about it.

But what kind of people are those who like astronomy? In my opinion there are several kinds.

I think that primarily are those who have this job, namely the scientists.

Scientists have chosen this profession because they have higher intelligence to subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. Thanks to them, we discover something new in astronomy and in evolving technology. Do not think their personal life is bad, like they were nerds. They are very surprising, and apply their intelligence in other plans. They are not even nerds. A nerd, is someone who does not like what he does, and repeats several times what he has to learn, to stuck it into the mind. But scientists have pleasure for a new problem to solve.

Another category of people, are those who are amateur astronomers.

In addition, they have a different job from science, and they spend  their time with a hobby such as observation by telescope and studying some selective categories of scientific discoveries made ​​by people I spoke above.
Usually, these amateur astronomers, have a lot to lose in their lives. Why? Because they have a job already for which spends 8:00 hours a day and spend the free time with what they don't do at work: telescope observations, processing astrophotos on the laptop, reading scientific articles, and this makes them not to have time for their family life / relationship.

I say this from my experience. This "hobby" is very tempting, and I fell into this passion without having managed to get out of it. In this way, they are wasting the time that they can spend it with their loved ones. I lost a 6 year relationship because the person I was, saw me as a statue on my laptop, working on my images through the telescope. Relationship cooled without to realize until I looked around me and saw what I lost.
Take extra care if you have a passion, whatever that passion may be.

The type of amateur astronomers people do not know much about the process in which a discovery was made. They devour magazines, TV and Internet news and understand them in time.

The third type of people is the one causing rumors.

Most of the people in this category are in the media and Internet sites speaking about apocalypse and disasters. The reasons are: alignments of planets, comets and asteroids that come to destroy us, Nibiru, a planet prophesied to come clode to our orbit. In short, any event which pose no real danger, is a good reason for them to shock the world and make money from the story by presenting it to the world's great danger.

The last type of people is disinterested in studying astronomy, but interested in what writes people from category shown above.

They are mass media garbage eaters. Are ordinary people who do not have the pleasure to study whether what they read is true. They are the ones who interpret how they choose, influenced by their education and religion they have. For example, the vast majority are superstitious. Their response to some "apocalyptic" ads, is from God most.

All these categories of people listed here, together combined, are giving rise to successful partnerships, or demolition. There are many stories out of the drawers, which have no value and that have made ​​internet site becoming sensational news. Many are paid to do so, so you can imagine the news will be consistent, no joke.

It is very important that before you make an opinion about a story, to check if the source is reliable,  searching through internet for other opinions. Those who write articles in newspapers do not care that they have lied. They want a big rating, and most do not even know anything about science, and take knowledge translated into other languages, even with astronomical terms mistakes.


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