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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Montes Pyrenaeus and the craters chain between Nectaris-Fecunditatis. Telescope images

2 frames at 100% best quality.

114 frames at 90% best quality

114 frames at 90% best quality

1 frame at 100% best quality.

The diversity of the landscape in this areamakes a wonderful view. The region shown in these photos processed in Registax, is located on the east of the Moon, between 2 basinsMare Fecunditatis and Mare Nectaris.

Observe craters arranged in zig-zag, from north to south, beginning with Goclenius, Magelhaens (41 km), Magelhaens A (32 km), Colombo (42 km) and ending with Colombo (76 km). Almost all craters listed above, have lava flooded floorsexcept Magelhaens A. They have an oval shape as it is seen from Earth, because are located closer to the edge of the Moon, but they're having a round shape (except the Goclenius).

   The most beautiful of all of this crater chain, seems to be Colombo to me, the southernmost of them, due to its shape, because of its position on the lunar disc. Peaks are observed on the floor in an arched shape. Also notice the smaller crater northwest of Colombo, called Colombo A, which is stuck a little more in its walls.

Goclenius (72 km), the northernmost one in the images, has not a round shape, but oval, flattened on the northeast and southwest, with a shape similar to an egg lying on the left.

Notice the mountain range that separates the two basins (Fecunditatis-Nectaris). This is called Montes Pyrenaeus (after the Pyrenees mountains on Earth). They start from the western edge of the crater Goclenius to Mare Nectaris, forming it's eastern edge of it. These mountains, have a length of 164 km.

Another interesting feature in these images is Mare Fecunditatis. Observe some "wrinkles" lying on the plateau of the basin. The thick one, is called Dorsa Mawsonthe one that comes from the east and going down down south.

Age of the Moon: 17 days
Phase: 90% (0% = New, 100% = Full)
Distance: 399796 km

Optics: Celestron C8"-Newtonian telescope, 20mm Plossl, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Camera: Sony CX130
Filter: no
Date: 03/09/2012
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: Registax, FastStone Image Viewer


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