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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Deepsky Andromeda Newtonian telescope 10 inches Nikon D80.

Deepsky is an alien word to me in my telescope activities that I carry out for years (since 2008). That's because I had not many pretentions and wanted to do what is easier: to shoot through a telescope only the objects in our Solar System, so I stopped at planetary, solar and lunar observations.

My childhood friend who loves astronomy from he was little, although not had time to deal with this passion practically (so far) always reproached me why I do not start serious work and make real astrophotography. For him imaging galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, are the real success in astronomy. He always looked beyond the Solar System. And so, Val, the friend I'm talking about, has acquired a 2 inch larger telescope than mine, that is 10 inches, and more efficient, I say this because it is equipped with GoTo.

It seems that I was present in Bucharest when he purchased the telescope. We skip the happy moment, and get to putting it into service, a few tens of kilometers from the capital, in a garden with apple and plum trees, but they were not hampered our observations. Dridu's atmosphere was perfect, black sky without light pollution. In fact we wondered on the strong appearance of the arm of the Galaxy to which we stared with wonder on the stars of its core, innumerable in number.

The telescope was not hard to assemble, not different to mine. The hard part was its alignment. And we jump over this chapter, to get to what we've got, what was most important: photographs. In the 2 sleepless nights that we spent together there, I photographed some deepsky objects through his telescope, and in the morning I've also filmed the Moon (I could not help it ha ha).

We smoked (just me), and we drank some beers, and we argued a bit but we've also rejoice when obtaining every successful picture.

I photographed Polaris, Vega, Andromeda (M31), Spiral Galaxy (NGC 4013), Ring Nebula (M57), globular clusters, all at just 30 seconds exposures. Normally is not much, but it was an unforgettable experience in which I learned many techniques of working with the telescope, and we had fun, although many do not see the fun in this way spending a few nights near a telescope.

One thing is certain, astrophotography deepsky is interesting and I have to try more often in Bucharest and Baia Mare, and therefore I will try to buy multiple devices in time to seriously take care of this fascinating hobby.

In this article I posted pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). These are simple pictures in 30 seconds exposures, without stacks and without Photoshop, so do not hurry to say that you found on the internet better pictures with this galaxy, because my claims anyway are not many as a beginner in deepsky imaging. It was more like a telescope testing thing.
For those who do not know how this galaxy looks like, in these images through the telescope looks exactly as seen to the human eye, like a fog around a "star".

Astronomical instrument: Skywatcher Newtonian telescope 10 inches (Val-Cosmin Sandu)
Mount C6 / EQ6 motorized GoTo
Camera: Nikon D80 T ring
Eyepiece: No (focal)
Filter: no
Date: August 8, 2015
Time: 3:53 a.m.
Mode: Manual
ISO: H 1.0
Exposure Time: 30 sec
Location: Dridu, Ilfov, Romania


Balaji Kartha said...

you guys are good. I think Val has taken into a different orbit! Great job!

Unknown said...

Yes, he now is an astronomer :)

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