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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hyperion vs Plössl

I decided to write an article about the difference between two eyepiecess. My Telescope, was delivered with an eye plossl 20 mm. Then I bought a Super Plossl 7.5 mm. With these two eyes I explored the sky for two years, although I knew the Baader Hyperion eyepieces, the budget does not allowed me to buy one until recently, its price is quite high for this time of crisis. here is a brief presentation of the specs between the two.
Use on: 1.25 "
4 optical system with lenses in two groups
Apparent field of view: 50 degrees -6 Mm eye relief
 Baader Hyperion:
 Use both 1.25 "and the 2"
 8 elements in 5 groups
 Apparent field of view: 68 drade 20 mm eye relief

    So far I have seen only one celestial body with Hyperion eyepiece and 20-mm field of view, I was fascinated. Although I have a short focal length telescope with f / 4.9! with 7.5 mm plossl I struggled to see through it, because its very little eye relief. Astrophotography Not to mention that by plossl 7.5 mm is almost impossible. Hyperion has two threads (M54 and M43) can be mounted on different cameras, some models can be mounted directly, some with various T2 adapter rings.
 Another interesting thing is that the eyepiece is modular (can be used both in size 2 "and one 1.25" adapter using the standard.) Back off the lens can thus obtaining an eye field with magnitude small. The fine tuning rings 14 and 28 mm (which is sold separately) can change the Hyperion eyepieces focal lengths get smaller yet 3, so basically you have several different focal length eyepieces. For example, a 10mm as I got, attaching the fine tuning rings of  14 and 28, obtained a magnitude of about 5 mm. And if the lens field and torque out the format eyepiece 2 ", obtained 21 mm! Very versatile, a true super-ocular this Hyperion eye and of course are probably better than this (perhaps TeleVue Nagler, but won't  write of that, for not possessing) but at price / quality the hyperion is the best!

For those who like the pictures of my articles, would be nice to pay attention on advertising that appear in the blog by a click, because it is the only way I could buy one day a better telescope.


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