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Sunday, 29 May 2011

The passions of a "sick" guy

         Here ate some achievements made by me through the internet.My passions are many and I was able to develop them without realizing it.
I begin with the passion for astronomy Of course, this blog is the result of the work with my telescope.I first started to post some photos taken with the mobile phone through the eyepiece of the telescope, then I bought eyepieces and adapters, the video camera (Sony CX105), and a photo camera (Nikon D80) and started the work.
I described the craters captured in photographs (size, features, how they were named, etc.), and put them into categories (labels) on the areas to be studied more easily by visitors.My blog Astrofotografia is the same with daily posts like Lupu Victor Astronomy, which is written in English.
Another passion of mine is creativity and video editing.In each year i made at least one creative video with images from my travels.I have many scenarios in my head, but sometimes fail to put them in practice.The clips so far are edited in Sony Vegas.
I've edited some artists videos (amateur videos) and put them on youtube.One of them currently has almost 100,000 views : SANDRA HEAVEN CAN WAIT U.S. VERSION.
I am interested in ufology ( no comments fot that), and another is jogging.I don't belive people should sit on a chair and eat meat all day.I am lacto-ovo-vegetarian, and I gave up meat for moral reasons, I think killing animals is cruel and should be stopped.
That's all about me so far. I think a man's passion is sometimes discovered accidentally, or some human need to feel good.
I can not really figure out from where I have these hobbies, but the funny thing is that my name Lupu (in romanian is Wolf). Lupu and the Moon? Hmm .. Lupu protects animals? Lupu is running? OMG !!!.I will become an warewolf? :))
You can find me on Facebook and other social networking sites.

This is me and my telescope...


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