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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Video- UFO through my telescope

This video was edited to see as many details of the object in front of Moon that appeared while filming it.

It's just one of many "speeders" I've catched through the telescope. it is an Unidentified flying object(UFO), which does not mean it's extraterrestrial in origin, because it can be anything.

We must consider the size of the Moon in relation to the size of the object passing in front of the Moon. Image is magnified by the telescope enough, and a bird would block the whole picture. An insect that passes close to the telescope is a possibility, but there has to be taken into account the velocity, because it was very fast.
From what I saw in the video and is for sure, the object is gradually going clearer as it is moving from the left to the right. The last frames are the most focalized on it.
It's hard to say whether is a remnant of a satellite in the foreground, or a small asteroid, or, as the object direction is from north to south, maybe was a satellite.

          To make video captures of the Moon, I have to take the video file, add it to the editing program and run it frame by frame to capture the best catch of the Moon, craters on it, or planets. This process is very demanding and requires a long time. Throughout these small steps that make on videos, I captured many objects I can say. This is one of them.

Date 14/08/2011 at 23:28:15 local time
Time zone: +2 h
Elevation above sea level : 233 meters above sea level
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Video: Victor Lupu
Telescope: Newtonian 8 "20mm Plossl eyepiece and 2x Barlow
Camera: Sony CX105
Total Magnification : 100x

Video above is analized in Sony Vegas 10. I stopped the video,added contrast, gamma, sharpness and I zoomed the object.
Images below are snapshots of the video.


Anonymous said...

wow, birds

Anonymous said...

What one does not know is the distance of the object... was it a bug close to the telescope, a bird, a plane, a satellite passing across the face of the moon. The object darts quickly, is hard to do analysis, but had no signs of intelligent control, the video is interesting.... but conclusive of nothing.

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