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Monday, 27 February 2012

Moon, Jupiter and Venus with DSLR Nikon D80 - observational astronomy.

Tonight I had a night out on the outskirts of Baia Mare. It was a splendid sky, and it meant for me  my baptism in DSLR  astroimaging, because I managed to shoot Orion without elongation of stars at a maximum time of 30 seconds (not much, but for me is good, given that was not geared a motor on the mount), but the result will be in another article. The device was screwed on the telescope tube, designed for piggyback.

 I took a taxi with a friend of mine and went to the edge of town. It was pretty cold but we were lucky with the thermos with hot tea we had. To the end of the observations, at 21:00, we had frozen fingers, but it worth the suffering: I filmed and photographed with and without the telescope. Clouds have walked everywhere, but they were fast, so we had always where to find a place to observe.

These photos with Nikon D80, captures Luna in center, left Jupiter, and Venus right, all at ISO 400.

Name: Moon, Jupiter and Venus
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Date: 26/02/2012
Time: 7:03 p.m. to 7:11 p.m.
Telescope: No (used for piggyback)
Eyepiece: No
Camera: Nikon D80 18-35mm kit
Exposure: 1/4 - 1/2 to 2 - 3 - 6 to 13 sec, manual
Aperture: F5
ISO: 400


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