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Friday, 27 July 2012

Your help for science and astronomy

     First, I'll start by saying that life is short and money is nothing at one time for all of us, as we go on 'the other side', but the financial balance between rich and poor, is in favor of those who have done more in life and have accumulated wealth, not for those who have not had this opportunity.
      Perhaps the one that is looking at the stars is poorer than the one that is more down to Earth, but in this article I'm calling on people in the second category, for those who happen to have seen my proposal and have more money of which will not feel anything if they give a few for the sake of science.

What is it about?
 My proposal addressed to the rich people, is to help me buy a telescope larger than a aperture mirror of 8 "(203 mm) that I have now. In return, I will thank them via the Internet, putting their names on the homepage of this blog, in the section 'Sponsors', but also in this article where I will write the name of anyone will help me. At the same time they will enjoy my astrophotos made with donated money or instruments.

We all live under the same sky, but not all of us wish to observe it. I spend so much time with this astronomy passion, and it is a shame that this time is not used with larger instruments, of which I can achieve several objectives through observation of space. My work can be seen on this blog, and therefore I think it's not hard to understand that I'm not a crook.

Donations can be made in various ways, one way is electronically through pay-pal, or e-mail contact to communicate other variants. Pay-pal button below.

     I do not consider this action wrong if I ask people for help because this is for science, not for me. I do not want clothes, food, cars and other goods.
       Thank you for your interest to assist me. The donation will help me reach my goal in my projects and for public education in science and astronomy. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Donations so far: 0 (none).


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