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Sunday, 12 August 2012

About this site Lupu Victor Astronomy the English version

      Since 2010, I decided to use my computer and try to illustrate what I observe with the telescope and a pair of eyepieces. This was the beginning of a journey to produce this program. I eventually expanded the project, and became an astronomy and astrofotography enthusiast. I wanted to see what could do an eyepiece and a telescope for me.
       These pages provide information on learning about astronomical objects and a view objects using the naked eye or different optics Discuss types of telescopes and audio-video accessories, and how to buy them.

      Lupu Victor Astronomy blog was designed for low budget amateurs and beginners, with articles, photo galleries and videos, realistic views of what you can see with telescopes with different eyepieces, for those who do not yet have a telescope, about basic astronomy and links.
       I wrote some tutorials in astrophotography in my way, about models of telescopes and amateur astronomy projects for beginners or those who have a modest equipment, information on the basics and what to see.

     Here are also information focusing on the Solar System, the basic study of astronomy, observing, and important science news that caught my special attention.
     This blog can be a guide to getting a start in astronomy, but also a guide to buying and using amateur telescopes, accessories, and various resources.
        You can also read in these pages a calendar of upcoming events such as conjunctions of planets, meteor showers, eclipses, and phases of the Moon and other, questions about astronomy and space science, especially for beginners.

     What is certain is that my astro journal continues and I'm becoming more and more captivated by the science of astronomy, it is true, with small but sure steps, trying to finish my personal projects, one of which is printing a magazine with what I achieved best until now, and another project being about buying a new telescope.
 Until then I invite you to view this site which I hope will be helpful, and I would like to conclude by saying Clear sky!


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