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Saturday, 27 April 2013

UFO during the eclipse of the Moon April 25, 2013

I've filmed an astronomical event, on 25th April 2013, namely the partial eclipse of the Moon. It seems that while I've scrolled frame by frame the video made ​​with video camera mounted on the telescope, I saw this light on the Moon. I first thought it's not real when I saw the video at normal speed, but when I looked again, here it is: bright and playful, impossible to deny it's there.

The object is not moving behind the Moon, but remains in her front, when it gets in the light (lunar disk). It can be seen as it continues its journey, and even has a stationary moment, and after that, is leaving the lunar disk on the top and disappears. To observe the object on the bright disk of the Moon, please see the picture again and again, and you will locate the object.

I'm an observer through the telescope since 2008, and as you can see this blog, I'm not playing, and I've took the job seriously and so I would not permit myself to make jokes, coming with fabricated fake clips.

I expect comments with explanations of all sorts, but first read what I have to say.

-The phenomenon can not be explained as a fly / bird (it would appear black) because this object is shiny.

-Also, it can not be a satellite, because in the video the object is seen that is stationary for a moment or decreasing speed, and besides that, it moves in several directions. Satellites do not change direction so quickly.

It can not be a natural phenomenon.

Below are three videos during the eclipse of the Moon with bright objects.

In the last video you can observe the object on the bright disk of the Moon.

UFO on partial lunar eclipse 25 april 2013.
Optics: CelestronC8 "-Newtonian telescope, plossl 20mm, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5) motorized
Device: Sony CX-130
Video mode: Full HD progressive 1920x1080
Filter: no
Date: 25/04/2013
Location: Baia Mare, Romania

Below are shots of the video.

Comments from Yahoo Groups on this article:
You found something quite unique and your trained eye caught it. It could have been anywhere in the 280,000 space between Earth and Moon. Great video. - Peter Birren.
This does contain information to which would account for the bird or bat they would not have been in direct sun light. It also displays light which could have come from the moon, but unlikely do to its movement with the moon and frame. The image could be a satellite and due to its rotation and movement reflect direct sunlight, a lot of Geo’s are seen with the moon being a backdrop.
Nice capture, by the way. Joe Rome
Did you see the object/artifact with your eye at the time it occurred?
Or only afterwards while watching the video?

I suspect bird(s) or bat(s). The wandering behavior of the dark spot is very bat like.

And/or it could be optical defect(s) that moves within the image due to small movements of the moon within the scope/camera field.

I don't see any way to know that the object/artifact "flies higher and higher" as stated on your video. The video contains no 3-d distance information. Stan.
Stan, the object is close to the Moon for sure. Otherwise, would be always shining if it were to be lit by the Sun (and on the Earth atmosphere). But the object begun to shine as approaching the Moon.
I did not saw the object/artifact with my eye at the time it occurred

The object/artifact "flies higher and higher" in the video, not on the Moon. Lupu Victor.
 Wow, a very curious capture to be sure! To my eye the object is traveling in a slight arc, suggesting maybe MAYBE it is an asteroid that was making a grazing pass by the Moon. It appears to do a little "dance" as it crosses the face of the Moon, but I think this is simply because the shadow of the object has a higher contrast and we see that shadow following the contours of the Moon's topology instead of the object itself.

I'm not sure who you could contact about this to get a more scientific analysis done. Perhaps a local university? Jim Thompson AbbeyRoadObservatory
It is a bird !!! Regards, George
 Seriously doubt this was an asteroid. One large enough to look like that
would be well known and publicized. What is it? Could be anything from space
junk, to near sky objects--insects, you name it. Just because it looks like
it is cruising the Moon, that doesn't mean anything, and again to show up
like it does that far our it would be large indeed. ;-) . Uncle Rod Mollise, Contributing Editor Sky and Telescope Magazine
 Very interesting video, thanks for sharing.
Looks like you captured an Unknown for sure.
If it is near the moon, would have to be very large, I would guess. Ron Lansing
I don't know if we can definitively rule out an asteroid. If it came from out of the ecliptic plane and/or from the direction of the Sun, we would not necessarily see it. Nobody saw the meteor that exploded over Russia back in February, and it was the size of an apartment building. It could of course just as easily be a satellite that is more in the foreground. Jim T.
Looks like a bird transit to me. I just finished a study I did for my university that used video captures of lunar bird transits to track patterns in migratory behavior. After watching dozens of clips like this for my project, it looks like a bird to me. There are sometimes interesting reflections that can occur right when a bird approaches the limb of the moon. Here's a composite image I made of a bird transit. Higher altitude ones look very similar to what you captured.
 An asteroid this big skimming the surface of the Moon? Yes, we can rule it
out. ;-) . Uncle Rod Mollise
 do do do do... do do do do... consider this for your approval... space junk... there is plenty of it up there now!
 Simple Sigh Man
Yeah. The "Spook Name" is LRO:  Clifton Hipsher
Personally, I think it's a piece of space junk tumbling-around in Earth's orbit.
Will (comment posted on Before It's News)
The object takes about 3 seconds to pass in front of the Moon. If it is at Moon's distance, its speed would be about 300 km/sec, much higher than almost any body in our galaxy.

The object seems to be in focus. I would say that its apparent diameter is no larger than 20", comparable to Saturn. If your telescope diameter is 20 cm, then its minimum distance to be reasonably in focus is 206.000 / 20 times the diameter, about 2 km. If its angular velocity is about 3'/sec, then its transversal speed at that distance would be about 2 m/sec.

What was the altitude of the Moon from the horizon? Depending on the angle you would have a minimum hight for the object. Bats or insects do not fly 2 km from the ground, but if the angle was low, they cannot be discarded.

I hope this helps. Your video has a lot of information. Eduardo Vila Echagüe
As a matter of fact, it is difficult to distinguish in your photographs
between artefact and real information.
Indeed, the moon disk is surrounding by a strong artefact which make any
tentatative explanation worthless.
I don't know where the problem is : in the camera used, the data
acquisition or the processing.
In any case, my suggestion would be first to obtain neat images without
any artefact.
Hope this helps.
Best regards
Christian Viladrich
try blowing these photos up 5000 X to see if there is anything else nearby… you might be surprised (or not) LightandLife (comment posted on Before It's News).
 To see DSLR images through telescope of the partial lunar eclipse event, see Partial Lunar eclipse April 25, 2013. Images with Nikon D80 DSLR and the telescope


Erik Harperink said...

Hi Lupu,
The unknown object looks (to me) as a triangle hovering on the edge of the visible part of the moon in the north western corner. Looks strange indeed. Have you had any other replies from people who watched the lunar eclipse (and who thought they observed the same) ? Great images anyway. I will also pose the question to my local public observatory to see what they think (small meteorite impact ?)
Erik, The Netherlands

Lupu Victor said...

Thank you very much for your help. I will search the net for other observers at the lunar eclipse, if they saw something.

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