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Sunday, 11 August 2013

UFO Deception or reality?

We all know today about the UFO phenomenon. We see in television news, print media, documentaries or youtube, unidentified objects appearances, debated by circles who believe, or who are skeptical.
  I decided to talk about this very delicate issue, because I've seen such phenomena. Are UFO sightings deception or reality?

I begin by talking about the past, when people reported such sightings along the decades which were more spread in newspapers. The first time they were called "flying saucers", later to be given the name of UFOs. At that time, the '30s until the advent of the Internet, people had limited media. Since the development of the Internet, however, the world has been connected by a mouse click away.

And like others, I am divided in opinions. I tend to think, however, that this phenomenon exists even though I have some reservations.

Why should I believe that the UFO phenomenon is not real?

The first reason is the religious one. In this time we live in, I felt pressure from televisions and I am referring more to documentaries such as "Ancient Astronauts" or "UFO Hunters" There you can see many parallels between ancient writings and UFOs , Ie extraterrestrial civilizations that have visited Earth, and would have been perceived by humans as heavenly kings and gods and their aircrafts then interpreted by people as huge birds, fire-breathing dragons, floating cities, etc.. Even the Christian Bible events were discussed and explained.
Here comes the dilemma: are these documentaries meant to shake the foundations of the religions of their people not to believe in God? For if we believe that God is an alien being just one of the many who have given birth to religions, then we lower Him to the level of a material being like any other, be it genetically evolved, and not the one who created the universe and all that is in it.

The second reason would be americans. I think that many are agree with me when I say that the UFO phenomenon is much more common in the U.S., much more developed than in other parts of the world. That makes me go to some suspicion. Some explanations which I am thinking would be:

 -are these ufos manufactured by americans for other countries to be intimidated by U.S. secrets would hold about so called visitors?
 - are these objects made ​​by americans borrowing technology from aliens?
 - did the extraterrestrial civilizations chose America as their liking?

Why should I believe that the UFO phenomenon is real?

First, humanity evolves. Look around, and it's not hard to figure out. Today's technology is totally superior to that of biblical times. We will always evolve. In Bible times people had no knowledge of airplanes, cars, internet. These people could be describing these as miracles shrouded in mystery, gods, angels, etc.. That makes me understand that those who have left writings about an advanced technology, they could not describe what they saw but only in a mystical way, and we can not blame them. Now, with the Internet, we make connections more easily and we explain some dilemmas easier. All is like puzzle pieces waiting to be put in their place, and it will be at some point.

Secondly, the more time passes we gather more information about the phenomenon, and even wake up and see that we are not so unique. As before we believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe and in fact it was not, so now we can come to the time where you have to question the identity of God. And you should note that all these discoveries which were made in the past and now is done only with the help of science. There will come times in which saying that God is like we considered as today, will be like saying that the sun revolves around the Earth.
Maybe one day we discover the existence of the soul through science and invisible things will be common.

What is the current perception of the people about UFOs?
  I think today, opinions are divided among Christians, which indicates that we are in a time of change.
Of those who go to church, most are convinced that there is no life outside of that on our planet in the whole Universe.
Of those who do not go to church, most believe that there is life elsewhere in the Universe, but I do not think we were or we are contacted or visited by extraterrestrial civilizations.
  It remains a very small part of Christians that believe what I tend to think: we were visited, and so was born Christianity and all other religions. Personally, I feel a relief of mind, a dispel of a fear that religion gave me since I was a child, about a God who sees all, that even punishing me just because I think, and believe meso we think, so we will have our life: full of fear, negativity and grief.

Comments on Facebook:

Margaret O'Neilll - Lupu,I have always believed that a Craft did crash in Roswell.But recently I have had my doubts about the whole incident.Mainly due to the witness statements about the actual material that the craft was supposed to have been made of.Several people stated that they had handled the pieces that had been taken from the craft.They couldn't cut it or burn it,If they scrunched it up ,it sprang back into place etc etc.So please explain to me,how come if the material was so pliable yet robust.why did it smash into so many pieces when it crashed.It was reported that the debris was scattered over several miles.Has anyone got any answers.???

Kurdstan Planetarium - Its a combination of unexplained "at the time" of perfectly natural phenomenas and deception by govenments and military personnels to cover up for a new type of military machines. the best example is that of Roswell Incident, how US military played a double standard to delude America public and cover up for a secret balloon flight, code named Project Mogul that failed.

Richard Adams - The problem is that over time, re telling the story over and over and over even the witnesses have embellished the story to the point that they are so comfortable telling it that they have come to believe the changes in the story. This is a normal thing for anyone. The reason why the gov't waits so long to release any thing secret is simply for that reason. Credibility is lost and facts changed...

Margaret O'Neill - Yes I would normally agree Richard,but even Jesse Marcel said the same thing about the piece he brought home and showed his son.

Michael Dan WonsowerVelcro. Fiber-Optics. Silicon Chips. Nano-Technology. Composite Fiber-Tech, Reverse gravitational propulsion.... all gleaned off the Roswell Weather Balloon.

Geraldine Bourrelly - Many Urban Myths sprang from the "Roswell Incident"

Humberto VillalvaEvery month, hundreds of thousands of astronomy magazines are published worldwide. Who reads them?? People that know that UFO's are a deception, pure fantasy. The porcentege of people who read them are trained to distinguish Antares from Mars. None has seen a UFO. Why is it than they have to be so much "advanced. To travel those distances, You have go faster then the speed of light, Why can't they be, in an evolutionary stage as just microscopic beeings? or dinosaurs . Day by day, new solar systems are found, more then they ever expected, so its just a mater of time. They are not here, but we know they are there. And some day we will know for sure that we are not alone.

Buick MacCollI believe. But many dont. The problem, i think, is the amount of rubbish and lies out there on the Internet which makes it almost impossible to find truthful stories - search youtube for phillip schneider he has some intersting things to say.

Alan MontgomeryThere are many, MANY, strong sightings. There's one video on youtube featuring a bunch of ex-military officers describing how a "UFO" shut down a nuclear missile sit...
- And lots more. Lots, lots.

Steve LivingstonNot sure why anyone doubts UFOs. Denying the existence of UFOs is tantamount to claiming that every flying object ever sighted was correctly identified.


Anonymous said...

maybe it was the aliens who created god...or maybe God is an alien being . Any being not known, and one that is not in personal daily contact, and that is not understood by civilization, could be considered an Alien. God, though Good in heart, fits this criteria.

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