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Monday, 27 January 2014

Hey! Lupu Victor Astronomy is open to contributors.

Both ASTROFOTOGRAFIA blog and Lupu Victor Astronomy, will be open to contributors. Those who wish to post a work, an article about astronomy in both blogs, must write on e-mail:

Article must meet the following conditions:
-is not a "copy-paste" from other sites.
-have no more than one link to another site.

Why NOT a copy-paste? Because I could be banned by Blogger, owned by Google, which could lead to the dissolution ask for my account and hence the blogs. Express your free opinion from a hot news. You must bring originality (unless the quote someone), not just copying a news site. Also as in the case of your photos through your telescope. You can comment on exactly what you photographed.

You can create any kind of topic, but to be on the field of astronomy. Author's name, the one who did the work, will be specified in the article.
You don't have to be a doctor with Masters in science. You must only have the passion for astronomy. You can post your photos through your telescope and other optical instruments.

On ASTROFOTOGRAFIA will be articles in Romanian Language, and on Lupu Victor Astronomy, articles will be in English Language.

ASTROFOTOGRAFIA and Lupu Victor Astronomy, can be an online project to popularize the astronomy, project that rely on volunteers who aims to promote this science to the Romanian public and the world via the Internet, publishing news and articles in this domain.

A list of contributors will also appear below in this article. There will be regular contributor section too.
Pages for your articles are under construction, but as collaborators appear, this will be possible much sooner.

Thank you.
Lupu Victor.


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