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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Moon and Mercury similarities

Moon-Schickard through Newtonian CELESTRON 8 " and video camera Sony CX105, processed Registax
Mercury photo .Credit: Messenger  spacecraft                                                                             
  There is great similarity between the surface of the planet Mercury and the Moon.In the inside the two bodies is other story.In images above, the first one is a picture of the Moon crater Schickard made through my 8 " Newtonian telescope, and the second one is a photo of craters on Mercury's surface,in wich the largest crater have striking resemblance to much of our Moon's crater Schickard. The MESSENGER spacecraft was able to take over 1000 images from the planet Mercury, which were transferred back to Earth for planetary geologists to study them.
  I have not really seen on the internet anyone to consider the hypothesis that the Moon could be a planet like Mercury, and not formed by the impact of a smaller planet with Earth,wich is the theory now embraced by scientists. Assumptions come and go and never something is set to be forever.
    Nobody thinks that the similarity between the two bodies can demonstrate that the Moon is made independently of the Earth and could be attracted to Earth's gravity in the past, thus changing the entire evolution of this planet making occuring life, possibly.
    I do not know if you agree with what I say now, but the theory that the Moon was formed from the impact of a smaller planet with the Earth, to me it seems a nonsense.
   Mercury is similar in appearance to the Moon: it is heavily cratered, has no atmosphere and no moons. However, unlike the Moon, it has a large iron core that generates a magnetic field about 1% of that of the Eart's magnetic field.Surface temperatures varies from approximately -183 ° C to 427 ° C.

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