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Friday, 22 July 2011

Contact me for telescope observations

Who wants to see through a telescope on the Moon craters or the planets, my name is Victor Lupu and you can contact me at :

Phone No004 0749861963
E-mail adress:

Location of the observations is Baia Mare town, in Romania, on the outskirts where light pollution is lower.Depending on the sky map sky of that evening, I will communicate you what you can observe.
I wait your proposals for observational outputs, organized or individual, or even creating an amateur astronomy group.

Observational place in Baia Mare,Romania 47 38' 22.55" N - 23 31' 23.72" E
Elevation abone sea level: 194 m.

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Ramona said...

Pe mine m-ar interesa,dar din pacate nu pot merge tocmai in Baia Mare,nu de altfel,dar eu sunt din Arad.
Nu am vazut niciodata Luna prin telescop.Daca stau sa ma gandesc nici macar un telescop real nu am vazut.Nu rade,ca nu e de ras!
Toate cele bune!Se vede ca esti indragostit de pasiunea asta!Continua!Faci o treaba minunata!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great website, pictures and videos; I really like them. Today, for the first time, I attached a camera to a new telescope; just to test focus. It's not so easy!

Can I ask you questions here in comments or email you? I have a basic question about how to connect my camera to the telescope using a Barlow. My camera is also a Sony HDR/DV.

Keep up your good work :)


Lupu Victor said...

It depends what kind of camera you have.If it has hard drive than it is too heavy. Mine has just only a card memory. your barlow have a thread? you have to find a ring to attach a camera to an eyepiece. Adhesive band works fine. Most of my videos are made this way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victor, I have a few cameras... the one that I am working with first is a Sony HDR HC5 (easy to find on Google, I didn't know if it's OK to include a url to Amazon on your page). It looks like your camera, I have a 37mm to 42mm ring adapter for it; the camera sits fine on the end of the Barlow.

My difficulty is that it has a 'built in' lens, not like a DSLR where you can take the lens off and attach the camera. This extra lens makes it difficult to get the right focal range (so I don't see the inside of the telescope tube and the cross bars at the end). I was thinking this is maybe why you use the 20mm plossl.

I will try as soon as we get some clear night sky, I suppose this question is more like - do you have any tips/tricks? I think Astrovideography is quite a new area of work, if you have a Q&A page on your website it may save you time answering the same question many times for dumb people like me :)


PS. One day, if we are very brave, we may connect my Sony FS100 to the scope. Fixed on a tripod with no slewing! I think you will _really_ like the FS100 if you see it. It is my best camera...

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