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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Triesnecker,Agrippa and Godin craters

Photographer: Victor Lupu
Optics: Celestron Newtonian 8 "reflector, super plossl 20mm.2x Barlow
Camera: Sony HDR CX105 at 10x optical zoom
Date: 10/02/2011
Processing: not (snapshot)
     Triesnecker (26km.)-at the center of the image, is a lunar crater that is located on Sinus Medii, near the central part of the Moon. It is located north-northwest of crater Rhaeticus -is not in the photo,and east-south-east of Murchison-left , in the shadow of Triesnecker.
      Other craters that can be seen in this photo snapshot: Agrippa and Godin (45 and 35 km.)-both one under another in the bottom- right (photo), Rima Hyginus are cracks in the photo above, and in their midst,is a small crater called Hyginus (11 km.).
        Hyginus (11 km),is a small crater located at the east end of the Sinus Medii. Its rim is split by a long, rille that branches to the northwest and to the east-southeast for a length of 220 kilometers. The crater is deeper than the rille, and lies at the bend where they intersect. Together the crater Hyginus and Rima Hyginus form a distinctive and prominent feature in an otherwise flat surface.

Info Triesnecker crater.
Coordinates 4.18°N 3.60°E
Diameter 26 km
Depth 2.8 km
Colongitude 356° at sunrise
Eponym Franz P. Triesnecker

Triesnecker in Registax 264 frames at 90% 09.02.2011 aligned multi    -click to enlarge
Triesnecker in Registax 196 frames at 90% B/W 09.02.2011  -click to enlarge
Triesnecker in Registax 196 frames at 90% sharp B/W 09.02.2011     -click to enlarge

Triesnecker in Registax 52 frames at 100% 09.02.2011    -click to enlarge

Triesnecker in Registax 14 frames at 95% 09.02.2011   -click to enlarge


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