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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Macrobius crater west of Mare Crisium. Telescope images

Optics: Celestron C8-Newtonian telescope, plossl 20mm, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Device: Sony CX105 to 8x optical zoom
Total Magnification: 800x
Filter: no
Date: 08/16/2011
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: video capture, FastStone Image Viewer

         Macrobius crater (64 km), located north-west of Mare Crisium, although not very large in diameter, compared with small craters in the area, it is quickly to spot . It is on south-east edge of Lacus Bonitatis, a small sea. It has a depth of 3.9 km.

Macrobius's outer wall has an interior with multiple terraces. A little satellite crater Macrobius C (10 km), is on the western edge. In the center of the crater is a central mountain complex, and there is a small ridge in the west interior, but the rest of the floor is relatively with no features.

Crater Tisserand (37 km), somewhat smaller, is located on the east of Macrobius. It has a depth of 2.8 km.
The lunar crater Proclus (28 km), you can not miss it if you look through a telescope near Mare Crisium, because of the rays with a very high albedo, which starts from it, though is a small crater.


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