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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Romania missed the Venus Transit

                                  Credit: NASA TV.

Transit of Venus, was the most important astronomical event of the year, but in Romania was hidden by endless clouds covering the entire country. I do not know if anyone from any little corner of this country could see this event. Unfortunately, Venus will not pass across the Sun too soon. Only in 2117 and 2125 it will happen again, which means that our generation will not catch the next transition.

I felt very bad in the morning when I awoke, and I saw the sky covered. I looked at satellite images on Europe Weather Satellite, and then I said that there is no hope. I was satisfied only by watching live on NASA TV, from where I captured the images above. I think I will shoot more the Sun now for the deception to go away.

High definition images of the event were provided by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, from 36,000 kilometers above the Earth, as shown in the image below, which I find it very interesting, and presents Venus after leaving the solar disk.


Paulie said...

That's awful. I'm sorry you missed it. :(

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