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Monday, 23 July 2012

Fusion reactors on the Moon..Really?

        There is a fantasmagonical evidence that ancient pyramids exists on the Moon, spread over its surface, and that were built to create a network of solar collectors. Other sources say that complex craters that infact are domes, are now operational and are generating power, reactors in which can exist huge fusion reactors of helium-3.
        Observations made by probes which photographed the areas indicated by the conspirators, showed that these are no 'bump' craters like domes, but are really deep craters. Observations from Earth telescopes also indicates the same thing, that these are craters and nothing more. Optical illusion occurs when an image is turned upside down, when the heights become depths, and viceversa.

       Although I do not consider the idea of helium-3 reactors true, I will give some ideas for the conspirators, to enjoy it more: guess what, nuclear fusion reactors from the craters, keep the Moon close to the Earth. Therefore the Moon is closer to the Earth at perigee, and at apogee is farther, because the reactors starts on one side of the Moon, and then on the other side, to keep it in its orbit.

                             The above images are video captures taken by me on 22/10/2010.

       Most of conspirators gave as an exemple the crater Aristarchus, which they say, in certain periods is self illuminating, or has a light of its own, other than the sunlight. I photographed that crater many times (as are all images from the article), and is indeed really bright, but I think that is due to the impact, and because of the lunar soil brought to surface, probably containing a fluorescent substance or something else; or may be the meteorite itself which collided with the Moon was made by that substances, the latter idea being more likely, I think.

        There are many craters with high albedo, such as Tycho, Byrgius, Stevinus A, and these are among the brightest of all. Unusual feature of Aristarchus has led some people to wonder what is going on, because it has a special color than other craters, a green-blue colour.

 We can not deny that the high-resolution images, shows a normal crater, which is not covered by any dome. Those who made this conspiracy, will show you the crater Aristarchus in upside down images, so that we can create the optical illusion, and see that Aristarchus crater is not deep, but a dome, and this is not true.

       Viewed in color, our natural satellite amazes us and eventually put our thoughts in question, if maybe the Moon is something else than we see with the naked eye. Let's Not lose our heads though, and enjoy the beauty of the Moon as it is, not as we Would like it to be.

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