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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Detailed images of Walther crater by telescope

Walther (128 km), is part of a trio of craters: Walther, Purbach and Regiomontanus (in the middle): Walther is the southernmost of them. It has a depth of 4.1 km.

Waltherin an examination as a whole, it has a round shape but irregular, with central peaks on the floor in the center-east and a flat floor on the west, riddled with many small craters. In the photo below, it's easy to see what I wrote above, but considering that the image is upside down, and the north is where the red arrow shows. This crater is neighbor to the west with the large crater Deslandres (234 km).

Walther A, with a diameter of 12 km, is inside Walther, north of the central peak. On the floor are scattered remains of Tycho crater, located just 421 km from it. But Tycho's rays are scattered across all craters in the region, even far beyond Walther.

Moon age: 7 days
Stage: 51% (0% = New, 100% = Full)
Distance: 384.488 km

Optics: Celestron C8-Newtonian telescope, 20mm Plössl, 2x barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Camera: Sony CX130
Filter: no
Date: 29/04/2012
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: video captures, FastStone Image Viewer


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