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Monday, 3 March 2014

Universe orbiting another Universe? Multiverse theory.

Everything orbits around something. Satellites around planets, planets around stars, stars around black holes.. It is possible that the Universe itself to orbit another great unknown ? Maybe even another Universe?

I think this is very plausible. If the Multiverse theory is correct , I would compare it with galaxies that collide , but on a monumental scale , Maybe from there other Universes come into existence.

There is a theory which states that dark matter could be ordinary matter floating in a nearby parallel Universe. Dark matter is invisible , but it has weight. But ordinary matter in the nearby Universe would also be invisible to us, and has its weight also.

Dark matter does not absorb light or reflect. Light bends around it. This material is made of neutrinos and can we measure its mass by looking at a single star. Notice the light curves , round at every edge of dark matter ( gravitational lensing ).

What about the Multiverse theory or alternative Universes?
According to string theory, there are several types of parallel Universes. The simplest explanation is that probably live in a 11-dimensional universe.
But within each dimension, there are several solutions to the string equations, so there are many quantum Universes in each dimension. Physicists have tried to categorize the total number of such universes, and the answer seems astronomically high. Our universe could be a bubble floating in a huge sea of bubble Universes.

But is there a logical proof that these 11 dimensions actually exists? How does these looks like? Do they not violate any laws of physics? String theory is not proven, only statements.

How do you define a different Universe? Is that, any decision we take, leads to a different line in time and therefore another reality / Universe?


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This is deep....!

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