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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kepler 10b - the first solid planet in another solar system

   A new planet has just been discovered by NASA's Kepler Telescope.I read many articles about this new announcement, that some television shows many times a wrong (perhaps because of the joy of such a hearing, or for the audience) playing with the words, approving and denying what they just affirmed (eg: the first planet that might be habitable, then: it is too close to the Sun.
    The truth is that this planet is located too close to the sun, even closer than Mercury is from the our Sun.The temperatures on this planet is hot enough to melt gold. But the discovery is special because this planet is solid, not gaseous like the ones before this ode discovered by Kepler telescope.
    Kepler telescope was sent into space in March 2009, in order to discover new planets orbiting other stars in other solar systems in our galaxy.This kind of news will be more numerous in the next period.
     Kepler 10 is the name given to the Sun of that solar system, and Kepler 10b, that is the name of the planet orbiting that Sun.
     To be put in touch with what this telescope discovers, you can go from time to time on Kepler Website .


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