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Thursday, 6 January 2011


I finished this video made ​​from photos. I have collected almost all the pictures of the Moon in one video . Photos are combined so as to match the next , so you feel like flying over the Moon. Video editing is in Sony Vegas 10 . Images had to be positioned and rotated perfectly , implying a long time , but I did not hurry , so that everything to go well .

Moon is a mystery when you consider how it formed . Both bodies , Earth and the Moon , it is possible to be formed at the same time . But if true, then why are rocks on the two bodies of different composition ? They contain the same elements and minerals, but in different proportions. And why Earth has a large core of molten iron , while the Moon has not, or only very small one? But Moon's origin remains a mystery.

Recently it was discovered that there is a " cycle of water on the Moon " , a phrase that many people have never expected to hear . This surprising finding of the existence of water on the lunar surface was disclosed and confirmed by three different spacecrafts last year. But the answer of how the water cycle comes and goes throughout the moon day, remains elusive .


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