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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Heraclitus and Licetus craters

Photo A
Photo B-Registax 17 frames processed at 95% highest quality on 09.02.2011
          Heraclitus-in photo A  is a complex crater and is located in rugged mountainous areas south of the Moon.The crater is 90 kilometers in diameter and 3.8 kilometers deep. Licetus-and Heraclitus are together and form the southern end.  Cuvier is at west and north is Lilius. East of Heraclitus, in the shadow of the camera is a small satellite crater, Heraclitus K.

     In photo B Heraclitus is on the bottom- central.Other craters seen here are Mutus (78 km.)-at the top left which.Inside Mutus are two small craters: mutus B and V. Manzinus (98 km), is above but central in photo B. Jacobi (68 km), who seems pinched, is located in the center of photo.


Anonymous said...

The location description above, refers to an inverted image as seen through a telescope.

-Amphetamine Filth.

lupu victor said...

Yes. It is an area from the south of the Moon. Ofcourse it is inverted :)

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