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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Spots on the Sun with DSLR Nikon D80 in October

I decided to take the telescope on the balcony in the morning to "hunt" the Sun. I've cleanned the Hyperion eyepiece, Nikon D80 lens and I set the telescope toward the Sun. I've also filmed the Sun with my Sony CX105 camcorder but I'll post later what I shot and captured. That requires more processing time.
The photos below were NEF format in original, but after editing I made them JPEG because where I upload photos on the Internet, ie Photobucket, I have limited storage per month, and even if it was unlimited storage, this site does not show pictures in original format anyway, but are reduced in resolution.
Naturally the first three photos are the most successful because it represents several photos into oneprocessed in Registax.

          I used several focus on the telescope and the Nikon DSLR, because as you look through DSLR's LCD, which is small, you can not appreciate if the picture is clear or not.So it's better to work on the focus on the telescope while shooting, and then you can see the results to your PC.
You can then delete the blurred photos, but if you always shoot at the same focus, you risk to have only photos of a kind: clear or unclear.
 I have to correct a mistake: I wrote in photos 16/11/2011. We are in November and then it had to be written: 16/10/2011.

In the pictures above: The Sun in Registax (9 files processed), and then edited in FastStone Image Viewer.      ISO: 100, Exposure 1 / 80
Up: The Sun: ISO 100, exposure 1 / 60                                                                                                        edited in FastStone
In the photo above I highlighted spots on the Sun.                                                                                  Edited in: FastStone
Up:The Sun: ISO 400, exposure 1 / 125,                                                                                                     Edited in FastStone
In the picture above thin clouds pass in front of the Sun, so stay calm as the Sun is not with measles.                                
In all the images above: NameSpots on the Sun
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Date: 16/10/2011 Time: 10:04 to 10:34
Telescope: Celestron 8" Newtonian reflector
Camera: Nikon D80 DSLR
Ocular: no.
Filter: Baader solar filter AstroSolar
Camera: Nikon D80

Up: the Sun: ISO 400, exposure 1 / 20                                                                                                       edited in FastStone
Up: the Sun: ISO 400, exposure 1 / 15                                                                                                        edited in FastStone
Up: the Sun: ISO 400, exposure 1 / 13                                                                                                        edited in FastStone
Name: PeSpots on the Sun with Hyperion 10 mm
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Date: 16/10/2011 Time: 10:40 to 10:57
Telescope: Celestron 8 " Newtonian reflector
Eyepiece: Hiperyon 10mm.
Camera: Nikon D80 DSLR
Filter: Baader solar filter AstroSolar
Eyepiece adapter: 1.25 "and T rings for Nikon and Hyperion
Edit: FastStone
Some images are croped, sharpness, contrast, gamma, levels adjusted.


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