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Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012! from Lupu Victor Astronomy: 2011 review

I want to wish to all of you who are following me on my blog, and to all people everywhere, Happy New Year ! and the usual good wishes that are used every year to hear from everyone.
This year was a difficult year, but I think it does not compare to the next, on which I have much bigger plans to continue my work both with this blog, and with the one in Romanian language. I managed to post almost every day an article, and for this I had to have an iron patience and time "wasted" in front of the computer to edit videos and photos, and write articles.

The result from those who follow me was not the expected one, really, because despite many visualizations, articles were not commented too much, and this have not spurred me much to continue, but my passion is too big to stop.
Maybe people do not really want to see the Moon too much, or others considers that watching the Moon is for beginners. But it is not so, because the Moon is the closest body in space, on which you see geological features much closer than on any other planet.

So far, I have photographed and filmed the Moon and planets, described Moon craters (and will continue to do that until none is left to discuss), I went through the moon eclipse of June 15, I successfully captured on video so as and photo, and I acheved ​​a lot more skill in handling the telescope. On the solar eclipse of January 4, and the eclipse of the Moon on 10 December I was not lucky due to bad weather.

Next year I will definitely go to the next level, and I will leave the Moon and planets on the second place, and  move to deepsky DSLR photography through the telescope. I might complete my astronomical eyepiece instruments, adapters, cameras, or maybe even a new 12-inch telescope. Unfortunately the global economic crisis in Romania is rather lazy, so I'll see how I'll handle it.
I wish you again Happy New Year ! , health and success in everything you want, and thank you for passing by here.


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