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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

West of Tycho crater. Telescope images

Photographer: Victor Lupu
Optics: Celestron C8-Newtonian telescope, plossl 20mm, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Device: Sony CX105 to 8x optical zoom
Total Magnification: 800x
Filter: no
Date: 12/05/2011
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: video capture, FastStone Image Viewer

In these pictures with the Moon near the southwest, many craters are seen, and their names are in the pictures below.
Among them: Longomontanus Wilhelm Wurzelbauer, and Heinsius.

In these lunar images, the Sun is at a slight angle, making the shadows to highlight several features of the craters, which could not be seen if craters would be fully illuminated by sunlight.

 All these craters are near the crater Tycho (on west). Images are inverted as seen through the telescope. You can be guided by the cardinal points that are marked in the photos below.


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