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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Transit of Venus across the Sun 6 June 2012 in Romania.

       The transit of Venus across the Sun in December 1882. Author: Unknown.

I'm preparing photographing and filming this phenomenon on the outskirts of Baia Mare, if the weather is goodand no clouds. The event will be the transit of Venus across the Sun.
 Filming through the telescope will be with Sony HDR CX130 camera and Super Plossl 20mm eyepiece, and photos Nikon D80 DSLR , without and with Hyperyon 10mm eyepiece. To both, video and photo, I will use, or not, 2x Barlow lens. Depends on the quality of the atmosphere. Mount is motorized, so there will be no problems on trepidation of images. The only thing that will displease me is how to share the precious time during this transition: how much to film, and how much to photograph, because I have a single telescope.

This rare event will be entirely visible mostly in East Asia, eastern Australia and Alaska. A partial transit can be seen in progress at sunrise throughout Europe, West Asia and East Africa. A partial transit can be seen in progress at sunset in most of North America, Central America, South and West America . It will not take place again until 2117.

The transition will take approximately 6 hours, but in Romania will not be visible as long as Venus  will rise directly in front of the Sun at about 5:45. I hope I can catch this transition. Venus will be already on top of the solar disk, central. At 07.30, Venus will start to move outside the disc of the Sun, and at 07:50, Venus will leave the surface of the Sun completely.
So, in Romania, the transition of Venus across the Sun will begin at 5:45, and end at 07:50.


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