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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Humans. A great enigma.

How would you feel if you were in space, without being bound by anything, just floating in the vast void of the cosmos, if you would have protective suits with oxygen tube on you? You'd be so terrified, and you'd be afraid for your life. You will want to step on something, to go, to touch something.

We are not Celestial Bodies, not rocks in space. We are made to be on a planet to hold us. We are so much made for it, even the planet allows us very hard to leave her. We must use strong missiles to defeat Earth's gravity.
Our cellular composition and of animals on this planet, fits perfectly with the composition of other materials on it. Therefore we breathe easily, and eat what grows on the planet. If here were not optimal conditions to live, and the atmosphere, plants and so on, would have different composition, we could not survive. Maybe other creatures could. By this, we understand that we were created for these substances around us.

If we evolved here, as evolutionary theory says, if we were brought here, or the aliens combined us with their DNA, or if indeed it all started with Adam and Eve, we do not know and will not know so soon. We continue to live and are constantly evolving technology and education, but we bigin not to believing in spiritual figures of holy books, because even if these figures were real, they lived on Earth long ago and now, after thousands of years, people no longer hope that they really exist.

There have been so many generations of people, and people faced with so many planetary catastrophes, were killed in mass by gods (including our God), and traces of ruins have been disappeared, that we, in the present do not we know almost anything about our past.
We just assume things that might have been once, in a few scratches on the walls, in ancient alphabets as those of the Sumerians, or ancient writings in India, massive stones could not be carried by people, and objects that are older than we thought.

Old drownings from Val Camonica, Italy, resembling today's astronauts, despite the fact that they were painted ca. 10,000 BC

Why should we think the world has never known technological glory like today? We, after many extinctions, went on this road of technological developments. Maybe they used to have developed a different technology, which we do not imagine it would work. Perhaps then, people used something else instead of the fuel of today, or maybe people had a different genetic structure allowed them to do things which look to us like science fiction.
Even in the Bible it is written that before Noah, was another sky and people breathe another type of airThey were not eating animals. After the flood, everything was different.

There are many things that you should not take for granted at first. People from the past knew how the continents looked like before we knew. There is a map that could not be achieved bun only from an aerial viewat a big height from the planet. We in our time have barely managed to get our head above the Earth's atmosphere to see the planet in all its splendor.

1513 Piri Re map showing the coast of Europe, North Africa and parts of the New World. What's weird is that at the bottom could be Antarctica, which at that time we did not know

So, how were the people of the ancient world? What they knew about astronomy without telescopes? Today's technology has evolved so much that can satisfy our almost every desire, to make our life easier. If we think of the people who lived 4000 years ago, we can not imagine them more than primitive people. But we do not know what it was then. It is possible that they had another form of technology that is impossible for us know it, because many times we took it all over again. Noah's flood is just one example.

Arheological findings showed that we underestimated our ancestorsWe found watches, machines, light bulbs dating back before the official appearance of man. Writings from India describe aircraft that did not worked by fuel. They named them 'Vimana'. Whether we have been visited by alien civilizations, or was just our technology, it is clear that the Earth has been known technology in the past and what we have achieved so far is only the top discoveries of our time.


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