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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Strange astronomical childhood memories

If I think about the past, my childhood, I remember the moments that we lived, and I appreciate them now, more than everI remember playing with my friends, spending the summer nights on the street with them, as we run and I could not fill my lungs with so much air as I was able to laugh.
The best friend of mine who stayed at 3 houses from me, Val Cosmin Sandu had a rich imagination and full of ideasWe were especially very good at science, just as we percieved it back then, looking at scientific almanacs, and we were concerned about knowing planets, comets, and rovers going to the Moon. In fact, we liked the idea so much that we made ​​a plywood box in which we were stuffing our younger friends and made them thought it would fly them to the MoonWe shook the box, and they, seeing pictures of planets on the plywood, began to panic, thinking that they really leave the planet, and began to cry for their mothers.
I turned the wood shed in a 'Astronomy laboratory as we called it. There I used a wall to write on it, to teach children about astronomy.

I can not figure out what caused me to like astronomy, when was the moment that moved my attention for it.

Events that we have seen.
I feel very lucky that I saw the comet Hale-Bopp when passed by us in 1997 (that passes us each about 2520-2533 years). I remember now looked, with a bushy tailed at sunset near the horizon, while I was playing in the street with friends. What I regret now, is that I was just a kid, and I had not a telescope to enjoy the event fully.

Another event that I feel very fortunate I saw, is the solar eclipse of 11 august 1999.
Neither I photographed it, but I saw it from Tecuci city. I bought some eclipse glasses, and went to the door to see it.
I remember it was very hot that day, and the sky had no clouds. It was dark and very warm, but slowly, I felt a little temperature difference and I've noticed a strong wind while the Moon covered the solar disk. The stars began to be seen and I could not believe what I see. It was a fairytale landscape before my eyes.

ABC from the start.
Television series Star Trek was my childhood movie and before each episode, Alexandru Mironov spoke. Perhaps this man developed something in my mind. The show was called as I recall, "Science and Imagination". This show really made ​​me dream of another world.
Maybe I've always been unhappy with what I saw around me and maybe that caused me to want to know something else, apart from the world that surrounded me. Truth is, I was a little introverted, and I was too silent, because my expectations were different from others, not just for idle chatter. I've always liked deep words, and I've always dug into my brain to see where my thoughts gowhat lies at the center of my consciousness. I've wrote journals full of my thoughts, with an alphabet invented by me, that even now I know about, and I can write cursive.
My parents let me do whatever I want because I have been quiet, without being a big problem for my family.

Strange memories.
A controversial cause of why I like astronomy, it may be also an event (repetitively) from my childhood, that I remember very well whenever I want, if I close my eyes.
When I was little, I had visions many nights after falling asleepin which I was very frightened, as I rise above the bed and I saw the entire room (the light of the lamp that was lit always by my mother) until I reach the ceiling. The much I was floating higher, the much I was more frightened, seeing all objects in the room, including what was on the wardrobe closet. When the fear came to the extreme, I've woke shouting "I'm flying". My father still remembers those nights when I've woke up in this way. What I find strange is that I can not remember in the dream seeing me in bed, but my father only.
Next evening, I was also afraid to sleep, because I knew what is going to happen, and I was not wrong, because as soon as I've immersed in dreams, the same thing happened.
I could not explain why this dream seemed so real to me. I read somewhere about astral projection, which is manifesting in the same way.

Perhaps some of you say this is not the subject of the article, and maybe it is not. Having those nightmares may not have a real connection. If I am realistic, perhaps all children have bad dreams of which even remember until are grown up.

So what I did made me to like astronomy? What could be the spark that ignited my love for it? My parents certainly did not have taught me anything in this regard. They are not interested about anything in science.
Maybe interacting with friends influenced me, because there is no other explanation in my mind.
When I was a child, I liked to see the postman passing every yard inserting newspapers in the mailboxes. So without being aware of it, I started with my friend Val, who lived 3 houses from meto send letters in the mail. Each of us, invented stories about cosmonauts on other planets, jokes and other categories, forming a sort of magazine. When I was done, I ran to the door of my best friend, and with an immeasurable pleasure, inserted the letter in the opening of the door, just as I saw the postman.


Unknown said...

A wonderfull story. Thank you for sharing!!


Sandu Val Cosmin said...

Astonishing ! I remember those years when everything was perfect. Thank you dear friend that reminded me of those times. Sandu Val Cosmin

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