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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The extraordinary Universe

Orion nebula on 21 october 2012
From childhood, I was fascinated by this reality. I was actually more interested in what lies beyond this planet than what exist near me, things which I know anyway. Why? Because it seemed and seems to me now, so mysterious to hear that a planet is just floating in outer space, without anyone to hold itto hear of untouched mountains and craters that are on other celestial bodies, about comets beyond the planets that come and go in distant worlds.

My attention was involuntarily increased to these topics about science, without loving physics and mathematics.
What is so extraordinary about this space? It's dead, is not a creature. And yet, we make big eyes when we hear about a breakthrough in astronomy. Why? I bet it's because we want to find another alternative, to live differently, because we want another world, the best life which here is not found, not as we want it to be. Looking for a rescue.

Another reason we like astronomy is knowledge. We want to know things beyond us more than ever, now, in this time we're live in, as science came so close to the accomplishing much of what we have always thought to be fiction.
People have uninhibited minds of everyday problems when watching a science documentary. When I talked to some friends about what I know about the cosmos, I've noticed on them a mental relaxation, a detachment from reality. Questions began to flow and so my answers making ​​them dreaming of another world.

These stories are not related to people on earth, laws, bills, banks, work and religions, but these are neutral things, which we can not judge, because are faaaar from us and that makes us stop and wonder and to look wide-eyed at what happens to millions and millions of kilometers away from the planet.

We live in a solar system, only one of billions of solar systems in the Universe, surrounding once a year a star called the Sun. There's no reason to refuse the place where you are. You are now conquered by wonder, exaltation, the thirst to know. Works more than a religion that tells you things that you should do even if you do not like. Astronomy stops you in time, and your heart starts beating slower. You will start to look up, and you think you look down.

Astronomy is so  extraordinary, and people do not appreciate it. In the moment when you realize where you are in the Universe, you will see how great life is on this planet. You will realize that in the reality in which you are, small problems does not make sense to you on this lower level of your existence in which maybe you felt victimized or hurt by something. At the cosmic level these issues are inconspicuous.


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