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Monday, 8 April 2013

A UFO filmed by my astronomical telescope?

Is this a UFO shot through my telescope? I do not know how did this black point appeared in front of Langrenus crater on the Moon. This video was left forgotten on my PC, which I had to do a story, but I found it later in folders and I thought to publish it now. Date that I've shot this was July 16, 2011.

I've looked very carefully as it appeared from beginning to end, when the object disappeared.

I can not judge the distance at which flies. It is clear that the focus of the camera, which was set to auto, could not help but move it's attention "accidentally" on other areas but craters on the Moon.

Zigzag motion of the object is given by the bad atmosphere conditions. What I believe, is that the object did not had such movements, but one thing is certain: it moved in one direction as seen in video, from top to down.

  What is this, I don't know. There are many explanations. one of them would be a small garbage left on Earth's orbit, from deactivated satellites, but remaining suspended until a time when they will collapse on the ground.

Another explanation might be that the object is between the Moon and the Earth, an extraterrestrial object, or .... earthly, if something happens on the Moon, which is classified.

Other explanations I ask you to give in the comments.

Optics: CelestronC8 "-Newtonian telescope, plossl20mm, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5) motorized
Device: Sony CX-105
Video mode: Full HD 1920x1080
Filter: no
Date: 16/07/2011
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: Sony Vegas 10


Unknown said...

:) Definitely a satellite. Congratulations. :)
You may well be able to find out which one on Heavens
Not sure how long they keep their data for though.
But if it's a military satellite, the information is classified.

Unknown said...

Não é satélite. Pelo movimento é um morcego, ou grande mariposa.
Eu já vi iguais algumas vezes.

JuanitadelosAngeles said...

Wish it was an UFO! Thank you for sharing your video with us!

Unknown said...

looks more like a small fly landing on your miror

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