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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Comet ISON passes Mars and the speculation that it would be a spaceship.

"Comet ISON will make a visit to the Red Planet," said astronomer Carey Lisse of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. "On October 1, the comet will pass 0.07 AU from Mars, about six times closer than Earth this comet will ever come." . Mars rovers and satellites will have a closer view of it.

At this time, August 24, 2013, Comet ISON is 3 AU from Earth, ie 3x distance between Earth and the Sun, where an astronomical unit is equal to 149 597 870 700 m x 3, is about 448,793,610 km. Its current speed is about 100.000 km / hour but will increase as it gets closer and closer to the Sun.

It is speculated that
ISON is a spaceship, due to a photo taken by the Hubble Wide Field Camera 3, which Internet users have edited it playing with contrasts and found that it has a triangular shape looking more like an unidentified object. Anyone can see this if you access the original picture and drop the brightness in the menu.

ISON original.

ISON low brightness.

 Why ISON appears that consists of three pieces? These things can not be covered up. And why should it be? If the comet was breaking, we would have seen that this is reported by NASA as an interesting evolution of the comet.
One explanation could be the motion of the Hubble telescope around the Earth. Maybe the image contains 3 images stacked in a single one.
 It appears that in the Hubble image are actually three images superimposed over each other to produce a better picture of the background galaxies. Since ISON moved to a considerable distance, while taking pictures, there are 3 separate pictures. Each picture is the distance in which the comet, Earth and Hubble moved during the exposure.
We will soon see this comet with our own eyes !


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