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Monday, 2 September 2013

August's most beautiful images amateur astronomers on Facebook 2013

Although still at a great distance, the comet ISON was observed and photographed since August 2013 with a telescope, on Earth.

Perseid Meteor shower was the most photographed event of August.

Credit: Ellie Yuan, Perseids, august 2013.

Credit:  Ben Canales. Perseids, august 2013.

Credit: Cody Limber. Perseids august 2013.

Credit: Valentin Grigore. Perseids, august 2013.

Comet ISON, 12 august 2013. Credit: Bruce Gary.

Uranus. Credit: Stefano Quaresima 29 august 2013.

Venus. Credit: Stefano Quaresima, 13 august 2013.
M8 Lagoon nebula. Credit δΈε‹•ζ˜ŽηŽ‹ 6 august 2013.


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