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Monday, 14 October 2013

Sony handycam Astrophotography. Deslandres near terminal.

98 frames, 85% best quality in Registax.
520 frames, 90% best quality in Registax.
2 frames, 100% best quality in Registax.

The processed video images above are much clearer than the video captures from another article. We can notice the difference in the still image below, in which I labeled each crater.

In these images that are upside down as seen through the telescope, are craters situated on the southern hemisphere of the Moon, where they are numerous, deep and large.

The large "heart" lying on the right side is a heavily eroded crater which was  formed by a major impact, Deslandres, a crater whose features are well brought out in the light on this Moon phase, and in which the terminal is near the crater, at east.

On the uneven floor of Deslandres
(234 km), we observe the smaller one, Hell (33 km), whose name fits here, being fully submerged in darkness, as Ball crater (41 km), located at the outer edge on the west of Deslandres.

Other craters visible images are Orontius
(122 km), Sasserides (90 km), Walther, Regiomontanus
(128/126 km).  
Video captured images: Deslandres and the surrounding craters. Astronomical telescope images.

Info Deslandres crater.
Coordinates32.5°S 5.2°
Diameter256 km
Colongitude5° at sunrise
EponymHenri A. Deslandres

Age of the Moon: 7 days
Phase: 51% (0% = New, 100% = Full)
Distance: 384.488 km

Optics: Celestron C8-Newtonian telescope, 20mm Plossl, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Camera: Sony CX130
Filter: no
Date: 29.04.2012
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: Images in Registax, FastStone Image Viewer

Video capture.


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