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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The oldest known star. Problem with defining oldest things in the Universe.

SM0313 ( SMSS J031300.36-670839.3). Credit: NASA/STSCI

Can anyone provide an explanation on why the oldest known star discovered so far, SM0313 (SIDS J031300.36 - 670839.3 ) is ~ 13.6 billion years old , but is only 6,000 light years away Earth and it is in our own Milky Way ?

Maybe it's the gravity of the galaxy , where is formed, here , as we did ourselves. I wonder, are stars in other galaxies as old or older, but we can not see them because we are blinded by the light in the galaxy in which we are ?

Our galaxy is estimated to have over 13.4 billion years , which is less than the estimated age of the star SM0313 . Could this star have been captured in a prehistoric merger between our galaxy and another much older galaxy ? There are many possibilities .

Or, how can we say that the Universe is 13.8 billion years , when our vision is limited to see just how our technology allows us ?

I hate how we come at the estimated age of the Universe. If you look better, I think we can see what it was 13.9 billion light years ago . But light moves only forward and took so long for the light to reach our eyes.

How do we know SM0313 is 13.6 billion years, when is 6,000 light years away ? For that there is no physical evidence , which means a scientist has no data about carbon nor isotopes .

Some would say that light-years in this context does not mean age. This is a distance in this case. A star could be one light year away from us, but 13 billion years old . Or he would say that measuring a light year is the distance that a photon travels in a year . In essence , it takes 6,000 years for the light from this star , 13 billion years old, to travel to our eye . But how do you conclude that it's so old ?

There is a possibility in which physicists can be wrong in thinking that once the light from a star reaches our eyes, we will see it , as with this star, 6000 years ago. What they do not know, is that every star radiates torsion waves , which are so fast that they no longer travel, and because the torsion waves are faster than light, the next time you look at the stars , note that in fact, what you see in the night sky are the future position of the stars , not the past , while the torsional waves , faster than light, are moving the events in the future. This is why the age of the Universe is wrong. There was no Big Bang and the Universe is timeless . Did not have a start and no end.


Don Carlos said...

very interesting article... here it is what i wrote about it...... your is better than mine

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