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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Craters of the Moon's west: Hevelius and Cavalerius. Lunar Astronomy.

Moon area of these images is the West, where we see the vast region of Oceanus Procellarum, on the edge of the lunar disk and identify some large craters to the north of Grimaldi, called Hevelius (106 km) and Cavalerius (58 km).

Hevelius has a
low affected edge, and has a shallow depth of 1.8 km, in contrast with its size.
The northern boundary is together with small but prominent crater, Cavalerius. At the south of Hevelius is Lohrmann crater (31 km) and to the south is Grimaldi (430 km). Because of their positions on the Moon, craters are oval when viewed from Earth.

On the "open ocean" are some small craters as Galilaei (16 km), Marius (41 km), Suess (9 km), Reiner (30 km) and Reiner Gamma.

Hevelius, has its name after the astronomer Johannes Hevelius (January 28, 1611 - January 28, 1687). He was a mayor of GdaƄsk. As astronomer and has earned a reputation as "the founder of lunar topography" and described 10 new
constellations, 7 of which are still recognized by astronomers.

Craters were filmed with a video camera attached to an
astronomical 203 mm Newtonian telescope.

In the picture below are labeled craters and other lunar features in the region. To better understand this photo, you should note that the label with the name or the letter of larger craters could be found at their center, and on the small craters, you should find them around them, usually above.

Magnitude: -12.03
Phase: 70.5% (0% = new, 100% = full)
Distance: 398.311 km
Sidereal Period: 27.32 days
Illuminated: 92.2%

Optics: Celestron C8-Newtonian astronomical telescope 
Eyepiece: Plossl 20mm, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Camera: Sony CX130
Filter: no
Date: 14/03/2014
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: FastStone Image Viewer


rob h said...

Polarised filter will remove sun glare and you will see incredible colours of the surface

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