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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Don't miss the Lunar Eclipse September 2015.

June 15, 2011 Lunar Eclipse image.

On September 28 morning, you can enjoy a special event in the sky if you gaze at the Moon. Every few years, the Moon darkens until it is totally overshadowed by the Earth. You can see this spectacular phenomenon with the naked eye, with binoculars or a telescope.

At around 3:13 you'll see how the Full Moon will start gradually darker until 5: 47 The Earth will be perfect interposed between the Sun and the Moon and its shadow will be projected onto the Moon's surface which a few hours before was shining. After that time, you will see how the Moon will begin to emerge from the shadow of our planet while it continues its orbital path around the Earth.

For those who see this phenomenon by accident do not panic calling the emergency number, or do not believe that the moon is in some kimd of fog. But many people may have seen this kind of event and they passed over without remark what they saw. They heard through the media that an eclipse happened and then they realized they have observed the event and regret that they were not aware of it.

Full Astronomical Calendar of 2015.


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