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Saturday, 1 June 2013

May's most beautiful images amateur astronomers on Facebook 2013

On April 28, Saturn was at opposition, but the images continued to be made​​. Some great pictures of the solar corona are the top of the article.

Credit: Giorgio Albarello, 13 may 2013

Credit: Giorgio Albarello, 18 may 2013

Credit: Gary Palmer may, 25 2013

Credit: Jean Marie André Delaporte, 15 may 2013

Credit: Cademartori Stefano 14 may 2013

Saturn.Credit: Stefano Quaresima 8 may 2013

Saturn.Credit: Mike Wirths. 25 may 2013

Saturn.Credit: Efrain Rivera, Puerto Rico, 6 mai 2013

Saturn. Credit: Daniel Leclerc 5 may 2013

Saturn.Credit: Conrado Serodio 27 may 2013


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