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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lakes on the Moon: Lacus Palus Sinus Geology of the Moon. Astronomy lecture

           Sinus Iridum of the moon. Photo: Victor Lupu, January 17, 2011.

Latin word "lacus" means "opening hole, pool, lake," and was also the word for a public water supply point of distribution in ancient Rome.

This is a list of Lakes (singular sea) from the Moon. This includes also lacus, palus and sinus. The modern system of nomenclature was introduced in 1651 by Riccioli. Riccioli's map of the Moon was made by Francesco Maria Grimaldi, who has a crater named after him.

Moon lakes (lacus):

Lacus Aestatis - or "Summer Lake", 90 km in diameter located near the western edge of the Moon.
Lacus Autumn - "Autumn Lake", 183 km, is located near the western edge of the Moon.
Lacus Bonitatis - "Good Lake" 92 km, is located northwest of the crater Macrobius.
Lacus Doloris - "Lake of Sorrow", 110 km, is situated in the Terra Nivium region.
Lacus Excellentiae - "Lake of Excellence" 184 km, is an irregular Moon lake south of the Moon.
Lacus Felicitatis "Lake of happiness" 90 km, is a small lake that was flooded by lava flows.
Lacus Gaudii - "Lake of delight" 113 km, located in Terra Nivium region.
Lacus Hiemalis - "Winter Lake" 50 km, located in Terra Nivium region.
Lacus Lenitatis - "Lake of sensitivity", 80 km, located in Terra Nivium region.
Lacus Mortis - "Lake of Death", 151 km, is a basalt lava lake on the north-east of the Moon.
Lacus Odii - "Lake of hatred" 70 km, located in Terra Nivium region.
Lacus Perseverantiae - "Lake perseverance" 70 km north-west crater Firmicus.
Lacus Solitudinis - "Lake of loneliness" 139 km, is located on the far side of the Moon.
Lacus Somniorum - "Lake of Dreams" 384 km, located in the north-east of the Moon.
Lacus Spei - "Lake of Hope" 80 km, located in the north-east of the Moon, to south-west of Schumacher.
Lacus Temporis "Lake of time" 117 km, is located in the northeast quadrant of the Moon.
Lacus Timoris "Lake of fear" 117 km, is a lake of the moon discovered in 1976.

Bays (Sinus) and swamps, marshes (Palus) on the Moon:

Palus Epidemiarum "Marsh of epidemic" of 286 km
Palus Putredinis "Marsh of decay" of 161 km
Palus Somni "Marsh of  sleep" of 143 km
Sinus Aestuum "Bay of Waves",  290 km
Sinus Amoris "Bay of Love", 130 km
Sinus Asperitatis "Bay of harshness" of 206 km
Sinus Concordiae "Bay of harmony", 142 km
Sinus Fidei "Bay of faith", 70 km
Sinus Honoris "Bay of honor" of 109 km
Sinus Iridium (Iridum) "Bay of Rainbows", 236 km
Sinus Lunicus "Bay of lunaik", the 126 km
Sinus Medii "Bay of center" by 335 km
Sinus Roris "Bay of Dew" of 202 km
Sinus Successus "Bay of success" of 132 km.

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