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Sunday, 30 January 2011

How to know the name of Moon craters

     To know what's crater photographed or filmed by your telescope, or maybe you're just curious how some craters are called, it's not hard to do these days.
     The Internet now gives us more information about almost anything we want to aflam.Nici not have to ask a friend or May to buy a book or magazine to know anything about a thing.
     Those who want to know about the craters on the Moon, their name and information about that crater, may enter a site, what is unique in this problem as far as I know, which is named THE MOON LUNAR MAP NAVIGATOR (click on title).

     It is quite important to have information if you write an article on a website, to give accurate data so that the reader will assimilate them properly.
     On the first page is a photograph of the visible part of the Moon from Earth, divided into sectors in the form of squares. Click on one of the squares.Then,  "surf" with your mouse on the Moon craters.It's not hard,and when you make connections in visual memory and find more craters will be more easy.After you have discovered the crater, just bring the mouse cursor over that craters,and names will pops up,with info of the crater's size, the method which I find very useful because you no longer need to search the net to know how photographs of the crater is called, which I It seems very hard to do.Maybe only by chance you find.

Snapshot of the site THE MOON LUNAR MAP NAVIGATOR                            


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