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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Crater Plato Image in Registax

Watch marvelous crater in the center of these images, with dark floor like Mare Imbrium basin, located at the bottom of images, and like Mare Frigoris, north. This crater is called Plato (101 km) and is on the northern Moon. It is actually one image processed in Registax, which I edited it several times.

This crater at that time had a rounder shape than other times, when I noticed it more oval. Often, crater shapes changes a little, as seen from Earth, because of the Moon libration, so Moon it does not stay fixed facing us, but has a periodic motion tilt.

This crater is surrounded on all sides by a highlands like mountains. On Plato's right, start Montes Alpes, which continues beyond the image.

Image was processed in Registax of a video from which it was took out 875 frames at 75% best quality, merged to form a single image.

Age of the Moon: 17 days
Phase: 93% (0% = New, 100% = full)
Distance: 394.960 km

Optics: Celestron C8-Newtonian telescope, 20mm Plossl, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5) motorized
Camera: Sony CX130
Filter: no
Date: 31/12/2012
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Processing: Registax, FastStone Image Viewer

The picture above is of 3 March 2012.


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