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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

North craters of the Moon-Lunar Features

            16 july 2011 picture of north's Moon through my telescope

           North of the Moon is less affected by craters, which are dispersed, leaving place to the large lava seas that covered them long time ago. I think that should be more craters on the north of the Moon, but they are covered by lava,and we will never have the opportunity to see them. Geological and cosmic chain of events occurred in its formation, made it look like we see it today.

          The Moon craters are named after great personalities of the branch of science such as astronomers, mathematicians, inventors, but not only (eg crater Michael Jackson, just north of the crater Posidonius).

          Notable craters on the north side of the Moon are Plato 101 km, Aristoteles/ Euxodus-67 and 87 km in diameter, Archimedes of 83 km, and Sinus Iridium (which would have to be a crater, but it was flooded with lava).

List of features on the North side of the Moon:

Anaxagoras- young crater with ray system
Anaximander - crater without central peak
Archytas - almost circular crater with sharp edges
Archimedes-large crater without central peak
Aristoteles -presents  uneven crater floor
Aristillus-crater with ray system
Arnold - ancient crater rounded by other impacts
Autolycus-have a ray system of 400 km.
Babbage-in this crater there is Babbage A, which is younger.
Baillaud - close to the Moon terminal.
Burg - on the center of Lacus Mortis
Barrow-remodeled by other craters and lava flows.
C. Mayer - young crater with sharp edges.
Cassini - contains many craters on its floor.
Calippus - crater surrounded by Caucasus mountains.
Chacornac - distorted crater, irregular.
Challis - eroded crater and hit by older impacts.
Daniell - oval crater.
Epigenes - eroded crater.
Euctemon - renewed lava crater floor.
Euxodus-crater central peak not present.
Endymion - lunar crater located at the terminal with a low albedo.
Egede-a lava flooded remnant crater.
G. Bond
Galle - crater with sharp edges.
Goldschmidt - crater eroded and incised by other impacts.
Hercules - crater with terraced inner walls.
J. Herschel - heavily eroded crater.
La Condamine
Main - crater near the north pole.
Mairan - eroded crater.
Meton - clover-shaped crater (three combined craters)
Michael Jackson - small craterformer Posidonius J.
Mitchell - crater attached to the edge of the crater Aristotle.
Mouchez - a remnant of a lunar crater.
Oenopides - old eroded crater.
Philolaus - crater with a pair of central peaks.
Plato - large crater filled with lava.
Posidonius - fractured crater floor.
Protagoras - circular crater.
Scoresby - crater with sharp edges.
Sharp - crater surrounded by mountains.
Sitter - forms a trio with other two craters.
Timaeus - pentagonal crater with rounded edges.
Theaetetus - polygonal shaped crater.
W. Bond - irregular shaped crater.
>Other formations:

Lacus Mortis - strange crater.
Sinus Iridium- a large crater with missing edge.
Vallis Alpes - valley that divides Montes Alpes the two.


Montes Alpes - named after the Alps of Earth.
Montes Apenninus - a wide range of mountain (Mons Huygens is the largest peak).
Montes Caucasus - the highest peaks reach 6000 m.
Mons Pico - isolated mountain on Mare Imbrium.
Mons Piton - isolated mountain on Mare Imbrium.
Montes Recti-mountain with a length of 90 km and width of 20 km).
Montes Spitzbergen - the edge of a crater.
Montes Teneriffe - mountain rises to 2.4 km.


Mare Frigoris - dates from the Imbrian era.
Mare Imbrium - formed when a massive object hit the Moon, and the lava flooded the crater.

>Missions on the north side of the Moon:

Luna 17 & Lunokhod 1 in 1970, was the first of two unmanned rovers that landed on the Moon sent by the Soviet Union, as part of Lunokhod program.
Video below shows the location of features on the Moon's northern hemisphere.

Video: Victor Lupu
Optics: Celestron C8 "-Newtonian telescope, plossl 20mm, 2x Barlow
Mount: CG5 (EQ5)
Device: Sony CX105
Total Magnification: 100x
Resolution: 1920x1080
Bitrate: 16000, FPS: 50
Filter: No
Date: 09/09/2011
Location: Baia Mare, Romania
Edit: Video stabilized in Sony Vegas

To see the photographic map of the north area of the Moon, view:
Photographic map of the Moon: North Zone. Lunar Atlas.

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